Saturday, June 18, 2011

Seven Mile Lessons

Got in 7 miles today, which was my goal.  It was tough!  The humidity was high, and we had a good storm last night that knocked a bunch of branches and stick down on the sidewalk and path.  I had to do quite a bit of skipping around to not trip.

Every time you run a little further you learn some things.  Today I learned that some Body Glide is not enough for the nipples when I got 7 miles or longer.  I’ll need some bandaids.  NOTE:  I have also tried SportsSlick for chafing, and it is no match for Body Glide.  Body Glide works; just only to a certain extent.  I also learned that you should make sure that the tops are on your water belt water bottles tight, or the water will squeeze out and eventually the top will fly off.  I lost a lot of water and the top to my Amphipod bottle.  I got thirsty by the end of the run.  

Casualty of 7 miles; Blogger flipped my picture upside down?  Fate?  I think so...

I made it through the first five pretty well, and I really struggled after that.  Did quite a bit of walking but eventually did make my 7.  I feel pretty tired right now but glad I pushed through today.  Thought a lot about the fact that your body tells you you’re tired and should stop at 80% of energy expended; you have 20% left (and usually even more than that) so you can always go further. 

As far as the Amphipod, I like the belt.  I’ve never had any other belt (Fuel Belt, Nathan, Ultimate Direction), but this one is nice.  You don’t even notice it is there, really.  I just probably didn’t have the top secured well today.  Amphipods are a bit expensive, but I have to have water on my runs and I think this belt is worth it. 

I’m going to go rest now!

Enjoy your progress!


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  1. Found replacement caps at 4 for $3.50 at Amphipod's website. I have the Runlite Breeze. I also ordered a couple of bigger bottles (10.5 oz).