Sunday, June 12, 2011


Yesterday I did the Liver Life Walk 2011 for a friend’s team.  She lost her sister to liver disease.  It was a good experience and I always am impressed by people who turn tragedies into motivation to make a difference.

I also scored some cheap running clothes at Marshall’s, of all places.  Found some discount Nike Livestrong shorts, an Avia shirt, and an Adidas shirt.  Half price of what you’d find in a running store.  Score!

Today just did a 5k as my short recovery run.  It was actually my quickest time yet, a sub 10 minute pace, even with a walk break in there.  There is a hill along this route that always kills me; probably more mentally at this point than physically.  It is on a street named “Locust,” which probably makes it sound even more intimidating.  It is not terribly steep, but it is quite long; maybe about 3/4ths of a mile all uphill.  One day I shall conquer that hill.  Today I did, but with a walk break in there.  Still quite happy.  I ended the run at the gym, got in a light workout with weights, and then actually ran/walked home.

Was happy to see an episode of Phedippidations on my Android phone ready to listen to.  I really enjoy that podcast and I like to hear what Steve Runner has to say.  He is philosophical, so to me it is quite interesting to hear some of his thoughts.  It is among my favorites.  I also like the following podcasts:

The Slow Runners Club

I consider myself a slow runner, and probably always will, so these guys have some good information and advice if you ask me.  Eddie Marathon and the Zen Runner are currently raising money for the Diabetes Action Team to run the Chicago Marathon coming up.  A great cause, and these guys seem to be very genuine, positive, good people.  Here’s the link to donate (no pressure):  Also listen to Hear Zen Run.

Geeks in Running Shoes
Jason and Ray are further along than I am, certainly, but still somewhat beginners and good guys.  I enjoy their banter and they have line up some great interviewers so far, including Caballo Blanco from “Born to Run.” 

The Extra Mile Podcast

Another good one for beginners, and they have a supplementary podcast that describes Galloway interval running right now.  Valuable info.  Offers call ins from runners who just completed races, which can be motivating.

Running with the Pack

Another informative podcast, with race report calls.  Positive people, which I like. 

Dirt Dawg’s Running Diatribe

An Ultrarunner’s podcast, so way out of my league, but offers some interesting conversations and good advice. 

RunRunLive 2.0

Great advice in this well-produced podcast.

There are a few others, but these are the ones that I like the best so far.  I’m always on the lookout for more podcasts, as that really is my primary listening pleasure right now.  I listen to several that aren’t running related, too.

Enjoy your progress!


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