Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Pet Peeves & Torture

Perhaps one of my biggest pet peeves is when people continually complain about things, but then never look for ways to improve the situation.  In relating this to my running, whenever a malady comes around, I need to figure out ways to improve it, rather than continually complain about it.  One that I’m anticipating is problems with my back that usually arise during longer distances (9, 10, 11 miles or more).  How can I fix that?  Cross training, of course, but more specifically core workouts. 

In order to up the ante as far as cross training goes, I decided to give an “Ab Ripper” video a shot.  I’ve seen a few DailyMile friends using “Ab Ripper X,” part of the P90-X system, for core work previously.  These Ab Ripper videos are from Tony Horton, a guy who makes videos intended to torture people.  They are produced by “Beachbody,” a company that churns out many of these types of videos.  I have no interest in a six pack, mind you; I just want to develop my core to help me with my running.

I scoured the ‘net and found a couple different options.  First is “Ab Ripper 200,” an older video of a six minute ab routine.  Six minutes can’t be that bad!  I also found that the “Ab Ripper X” is just an add-on workout at the end of the P-90X series, but is available on Ebay as just a single DVD (the entire set is expensive!).  Ab Ripper X is a longer workout; about 15 minutes, I believe.  I ordered both.

The first to arrive was the older Ab Ripper 200.  I popped this into the DVD player and proceeded to follow along during the (less than) 6 minute routine.  You lie down for the entire thing, so even better!  It took about 30 seconds for me to realize that there was a problem here.  This is six minutes of non-stop, pure ab hell.  The exercise are explained and demonstrated well, and Mr. Horton provides good tips while he tortures you.  But this is not easy.  I was able to do about 60% (maybe) of the exercises. 

Not the author.
I decided to do the video again the next evening.  Same results; except I dropped to about a  50% success ratio.  The following day, my entire abdominal region is on fire.  I have a feeling that this should help me develop my (apparently non-existent) core moving forward.  Perhaps I’ll get adventurous once my mid-section starts to feel normal again, and try the longer Ab Ripper X.  How much torture can one take?

Enjoy your progress!


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