Thursday, July 14, 2011


I was supposed to do my long run this morning because I have a 5.8k race Saturday.  Last night, however, the wife was busy and the weather wasn’t too bad, so I decided upon a night run.  I started out at around 8:30, and all went well except that it got a bit dark on me.  At one point I run through a park without street lights.  It was extremely dark!  I cut that part of the route short and then got back to the streets and streetlights.  At 7.5 miles, I really started to struggle (the wall?).  I had to push very hard to get through the last 1.5 to make a bit over 9 miles.  This was on target for my half marathon training plan, so I’m all good with it.  And it helped me sleep in a bit the following day.  

There are lots of motivations that you have as you move toward a goal, such as weight loss or a run.  I think one of the best motivators is success.  The more weight I lose and the longer my runs are, the more motivated I become to do even more.  

I was told by someone today that what I have done was inspirational in their eyes.  I don’t think I’ve ever been told something nicer than that.  To think that my transformation may help others to do the same is humbling.  We get wrapped up in our own challenges but often don’t think about how we are seen in the eyes of others.  Perhaps that is just some additional stress that we really don’t need.  It is nice to hear, though, that you are a positive influence on someone else.  

If only some of that inspiration would help my muscles repair quicker…

Enjoy your progress!

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