Saturday, July 2, 2011

America and Perspectives

Sometimes a fresh look at perspective is what we need.  I got that today.

My goal was 8 miles to follow my half marathon training plan.  The first three went well, and then I started thinking about that sun.  It was 90 degrees with high humidity, and it seeped into my brain.  I started thinking of excuses of how I wouldn’t make it.  True to form, I didn’t.  I got in 5 and called in my wife in my “support vehicle” to pick me up.

I got home and posted my DailyMile info for the run, and then took a look at Facebook.  This week I started following Tony Clark, a Marine who lives in Wichita, Kansas (a few hours from me) who is competing in the Badwater ultramarathon this month (talk about hot; see more here:  Tony posted this morning about his friend, a Ranger, who ran 2 miles this morning.  This Ranger was hit by an IED in the Middle East and suffered from burns over 85% of his body and lost both hands.  And I’m complaining about the heat and how I couldn’t reach my goal. 

I sat and thought, and my whining really started to bug me.  Could I have done more?  I think so.  So I can sit and think about it or do something about it.  So I got back out there and ran an additional mile.  Then I thought I could go a bit more and added another half mile.  Still short of 8, but I feel better for not complaining about this short, mile and a half run.  It wasn’t for me.  It was for those who protect our freedoms every day. 

Two hundred and thirty five years ago the first brave Americans decided to make a move that they knew would lead to great sacrifices to get where we are today.  Today, the police officers who work for me are working in heat that will probably brush 100 degrees, wearing body armor and full uniforms, chasing thieves and violent criminals to keep us safe.  It I also 99 degrees in Baghdad today, and our soldiers are lugging around heavy equipment, showing our resolve as Americans to combat any threats to our freedoms.  I can certainly put in some miles in this heat to celebrate the freedoms that I have…and my ability to spend this holiday with my family. 

This day’s running is in the books.  Now I just need to keep perspective and think about how tomorrow’s workout is going to be the best ever. 

Enjoy our progress.


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