Sunday, July 10, 2011

DNF: Don't Leave your Partner Behind

This morning, I went to the Running of the Dogs at a local park.  It was a benefit for a Boxer rescue.  I took along our 7 yr old poodle Jasmine.  The plan was to walk the 5k, as Jasmine hasn't ever run with me and I don't think she has the interest to do so.  We take some one mile walks from time to time, though, and of course she loves hanging out with other dogs.  So the wife, my parents (and their poodle) and I showed up for the event.

It was a good time, but of course a bit steamy outside.  The park is nice and there were lots of smells and sights for the doggies.  About 2 miles in, however, Jasmine was done. She was panting heavily and didn't seem interested in drinking more water or getting into the kiddie pool to cool off.  Apparently she's averse to public bathing.

So I got my first DNF out of the way, but it was fine with me.  I wouldn't leave my dog behind.  Many mornings, she's the only one up when I come back from a run.  She'll often look at me with inquisitive eyes, wondering if I'm going to be okay.  Or maybe she's just wondering if I'll cook some turkey bacon that she can share.

Jasmine and I pre-walk
Post race exhaustion

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