Thursday, January 5, 2012


The migration from 2011 to 2012 was a painful one.  I was struck with the flu right before New Year’s weekend.  This also coincided with the end of my first week of half marathon training, so it threw me all out of whack.  I’m about 80% recovered and have resumed my training (now modified) this morning.  Luckily I’m still more than three months out, so I have plenty of time to catch up.  It has been a while, though, since I’ve been “on track.”  Probably before my last half marathon, actually, which is now almost three months ago. 

I feel very eager to get rolling for 2012, though.  I have some ambitious goals and I’m excited to challenge myself.  I have three half marathons scheduled for April, May, and June.  I also have a 5k scheduled for July.  To cap off the year is my plan to run the Bank of America Chicago Marathon; my first.  I went ahead and applied for the New York Marathon just to throw my hat in, but I don’t expect to make it. 

All three half marathons are locals.  The first is “Rock the Parkway,” a well reviewed local run through some picturesque Kansas City neighborhoods with rolling hills.  The next is a fairly flat course in a rural area in Kansas called “Run with the Cows.”  The medal for this one is a cow bell.  How could I resist?  Finally, I’ll cap the season with “Hospital Hill,” a well-known local half that has some very challenging terrain.  I think the hills will be an interesting challenge, particularly when coupled with the June heat.

The 5k is just for fun.  It is a race put on by Major League Baseball in conjunction with the All Star Game this year, which is going to be held in Kansas City.  Seemed like one of those races that won’t be available again, so I thought I should do it. 

The marathon will obviously be the biggest challenge.  I’m still intimidated, but also ready for the challenge.  I’m considering documenting my progress through pictures and video to create a video of my ups and downs when it is all over.

I may throw a couple more races in during my marathon training to build me up.  The race calendars for late summer and early fall are still being filled in, so I’m not sure what opportunities will arise. 

As far as my training, I’ve gone back to a simple schedule based upon your average half marathon and full marathon routines.  I adapted it to what would work for me, and have everything planned out.  I will also throw in a variety of cross training to help get in shape.  Now I just need to get my legs going.  I’ve lost some fitness, for sure, since my half, so I have some work to do to regain it.  I can’t wait until spring for longer and warmer days!

Well, that’s my plan, and I’m sticking to it.  What are your goals for 2012?

Enjoy your progress!



  1. I've got two 50K's in the spring/early summer and a fall marathon.

    I don't think I've ever been "on track" with my training. I have to set training goals that give me some wiggle room, because I rarely get that longest long run in before a big race!

  2. We'll be at a lot of the same races! I am also running Rock The Parkway, Hospital Hill, and Chicago. My training is currently on hold from some tendinitis left over from last 2011 but hopefully will be cleared to run next week. Good luck with your training....see you at the finish line.

  3. Jeff: Awesome! I think it is a good idea to have some wiggle room, as life tends to interrupt.

    KCCycleandrun: How cool! Hope that tendinitis goes away soon. What a coincidence about the races. Most likely you'll be ahead of me at the finish line, but I'll see ya there!