Thursday, December 8, 2011

Brrrr.....and the percentages

When we’re told how to overcome barriers, it brings to mind the picture of a hurdler jumping over one obstacle, then another, and so on.  As the hurdler jumps each obstacle, he moves forward.  Wouldn’t this be nice if this were actually the case?  Unfortunately, it isn’t.  At times, we are presented with multiple challenges stacked on top of each other.  Think of those hurdles balanced on top of each other, or placed back to back, making the task of moving forward that much more difficult.

I feel like some hurdles have been stacked up against me lately, so slow progress seems to be even slower.  But I’m still trying to push forward.  First, money has been tight with the holidays, a rental property I own seemingly self-destructing before my eyes (and wallet), and the usual costs of living.  Second, work has been busier than ever; both at my primary job and the numerous others I have on a “part time” basis.  Third, after the half I experienced the usual runner’s slow down.  Fourth, the cold weather has been difficult for me to deal with during my training.  I’m sure there is a fifth, sixth, and seventh, but you get the idea.

Despite this, I’ve tried to keep moving ahead.  Some things show signs of lessening; others not so much.  I think I’ll eventually get acclimated to this cold weather and how to dress for the different temps.  So far I’ve been layering and trying some different hats and gloves.  I’m open to suggestions, though.  Here in the Midwest, it can go from 55 to 25 within a day, so the morning forecast is very important.  I do have the treadmill, but I try to avoid it as much as possible.  I’d like to stick to the streets unless precipitation pushes me toward the hamster wheel.

Ah; the hamster wheel.  Complete with paneling view.

Perhaps the biggest challenge is just to keep moving forward.  I recently read about Ben Davis in Runner’s World.  I’d seen Ben’s video before, but it had been some time.  In the RW article it was discussed how many people who lose a substantial amount of weight gain it back.  I’ve seen different figures, but usually from 80-90%.  Regardless, it is high!  I want to remain in the percentile that do not.  That is my biggest, highest, longest, life consuming hurdle to jump.  After all, count me in the numbers who wish to “Do Life.” 

My "Do Life" long sleeve t-shirt...recently acquired

So where am I at?  After packing back on 23 lbs of the original 70 that I lost (thanks to very little exercise and a lot of eating post-half marathon, on a road trip, and over Thanksgiving), I’ve taken off about 4 lbs and I’m on Week 2 of good nutrition again.  I’m trying to keep up some mileage. My training for my next half marathon (in April) starts the day after Christmas.  2012 is going to be a big year.  I have a lot of challenges for myself ahead.  I just need to keep running; and jumping!

Enjoy your progress!


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