Monday, August 26, 2013

Back in the Saddle

Talk about falling off the wagon!

After a great start to my "running career," including my first (and PR) half marathon, things never quite got on track.  That half marathon was in 2011.  Sure, I've had three since, but none of them quite as good because my health, training, and motivation slowly went downhill.

There are plenty of excuses.  Life and stress certainly were a problem.  My jobs (yes, plural) demanded most of my time, and time became money, and the increased stress drew my attention away from my running (and my health).  I had lost 60 lbs prior to that 2011 half marathon; by August 1 of 2013, I'd gained 55 of them back.

I had various false starts to get back into the game.  But I never could quite get motivated to run a race.  I did gut a half marathon out in March of 2013; I have no idea how I did so.  I guess that should say something about my will power when I really put my mind to something.  But I was running the race in an unhealthy body.

This came to a head at the start of August, when I had to go to the hospital for what I feared was a kidney stone.  Turns out it wasn't, but my blood pressure was ridiculously high.  This prompted a trip to the doctor, and adjustment in medication, and blood tests.  Turns out my cholesterol was also high.  My doc recommended at statin.  After reading about statins, they seemed like something I wanted to avoid.

So the alternative is getting back to being "me."  The "me" I created in 2011.  When I felt as good as I had in years.  But getting back to this "me" takes effort.  My medical information has provided me that motivation to put forth that effort.

So I'm back in the game.  True to the title, it will be slow progress.  But progress is progress.  I'm focusing on the information my body gives me as a guide.  I'm tracking my blood pressure, my heart rate, and my steps along with my mileage and time.  Heart rate running appeals to me, as your heart rate provides you a guide to what you're ready for so you don't overdo things.

I've been back at it for a few weeks now.  I've lost a few pounds, but more importantly I feel better and my clothes are fitting better.

Rather than focus upon a particular race, I'm focusing on my health.  However, races are great indicators of health, so I'm game for some to move me forward.  I've signed up for a Thanksgiving Day run, and who knows after that.

Even slow progress is progress!  My goal is to avoid regression.

Wishing you the best!


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